SORA-446 A Natu-kawa Honor Student Who Doesn’t Care About Makeup Even Though She’s Around Her Age. She Has A Little Interest In Love And Fashion, But Her Erotic Curiosity Is Extraordinary “Even Though It’s Embarrassing, I Can’t Control It…” The Student Council President Is A True Exhibitionist Urara Kanon


SORA-446 年頃だけど化粧っ気なしのナチュかわ優等生。恋愛やおしゃれに興味うすだが、エロ好奇心は人一倍「恥ずかしいのに、抑えられない…。」生徒会長は真性露出狂 花音うらら
ID: SORA-446
Release Date: 2023-03-21
Length: 165 min(s)
Director: Usubashi Sui
Maker: Yama To Sora
Label: Yama To Sora
Genre(s): Solowork Outdoors Humiliation School Girls Drama Original Collaboration
Cast: Kanon Urara

Date: March 18, 2023
Actors: Urara Kanon